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Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Kids

It is a known fact that healthy kids grow into healthy adults and sick kids into sick adults, therefore; Chiropractic care is needed for children now more than everChiropractic care has never and will never "cure" anything- your child's body does! Everyone is born with the innate ability to heal and chiropractors have the ability to unlock this ability through activating one's own nervous system. Chiropractors are experts in detecting and correcting spinal misalignments that remove the interference from the nervous system and allows your child's body to self-heal, self-regulate, and be ultimately healthy.


A body free of nervous system interference can make a huge difference in your child's health as they grow and develop.


Why Chiropractic?

The birth process is traumatic for both the mother and the baby. If these issues go unchecked, they can set the stage for future health issues throughout the child's life. A baby's body is undergoing rapid and extensive development during the early stages of life, making this the perfect time to ensure that your infant's spine and nervous system are functioning in the best possible way. 

Physical milestones

Rolling, sitting, crawling, standing.

Chiropractic may help these issues/symptoms:

Infantile-Colic, Gastric reflux, ear infections, constipation, torticollis, asymmetric crawling and gait.


Why Chiropractic?

Toddlers are some of the most active individuals on the planet! Wobbly first steps quickly change to walking, running, and jumping and all come with a steep learning curve and many many trips and falls. Toddlers under regular chiropractic care often get sick less, take less antibiotics or other drugs, and are less susceptible to ear infections, allowing them to grow, develop and prosper to their full potential. 

Physical milestones

Walking, running, jumping, climbing, kicking.

Chiropractic may help these issues/symptoms:

Ear infections, asthma, cold & flu, allergies, irritability & mood swings, delayed milestones.


Why Chiropractic?

Your pre-schooler is potentially being introduced to many new stressors, such as processed foods, extended game playing, medications, environmental chemicals, and new pathogens as they become more and more social beings. Children under regular chiropractic care have been shown to get sick less and be less irritable through these major growing stages in their lives. 

Physical milestones

Climbing, jumping, bicycling, skating.

Chiropractic may help these issues/symptoms:

Allergies, asthma, moodiness, bed wetting, constipation, diarrhea, cold & flu. 

School aged children

Why Chiropractic?

School-aged children are faced with new physical stressors of sitting at school, new sports/ activities being introduced, and the use of technology devices. 

In addition, they may start to feel stress from schoolwork and peer pressure, which can have an effect on the nervous system. 

Physical milestones

Gaining independence, constant learning, sport-specific biomechanics. 

Chiropractic may help these issues/symptoms:

Growing pains, migraines, frequent colds, ADD/ADHD, difficulty sleeping and concentrating.


Why Chiropractic?

One of the biomechanics issues with teenagers today is the postural changes that occur from prolonged cell phone/computer/video game use. 

Your teenager may also be experiencing emotional stress: pressure from peers, new relationships, schoolwork, and learning more independent adult skills can all place stress on their nervous system. 

Physical milestones

Driving, high-level sport, constant learning 

Chiropractic may help these issues/symptoms:

Poor concentration, fatigue, muscle aches, slow recovery, painful menstruation, weight gain, scoliosis.

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